Dr David Trappler

I have been a specialist psychiatrist since 1984. As the field of General Psychiatry moved more towards Biological Psychiatry, categorising people based on medical model principles and focusing exclusively on treatment with medication, I decided to broaden my education and perspective.

I studied depth psychology and qualified as a Jungian psychologist in 1992. My dual education and approach enables me to monitor medication requirements, whilst my patients develop a deeper understanding of themselves through psychotherapy.

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Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

For me it is most unfortunate that psychiatrists limit their attempts at healing their patients by resorting to medication for symptom control only. Trying to bundle complex symptoms and narratives, into specific diagnostic criteria, may leave the patient feeling dehumanised and labeled. Although, of course, there are times when a diagnosis is important and medication may be essential, doctors need to listen with an ear turned to the symbolic, in order to fully understand and evaluate the patients’ presenting material. Symptoms taken in isolation are not sufficient to constitute a full diagnosis and treatment plan. Psychotherapy is an essential part of treatment, and neglecting to assist the patient in widening their consciousness, fails to provide comprehensive management and dishonours the patients essential self.

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